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Social CRM

Intellievents will seamlessly connect with your contact’s social profiles across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so that your team can learn more about and engage with your most valuable customers. Our social CRM allows your team to manage your contacts and segment your customers. We capture important sales and contact information as well as identify opportunities for your team in real-time.

Live Events Manager

Manage your live events through our web platform. Our CRM and Mobile solution allows you to sell tickets directly to your fans, enable real-time seat upgrades, and provide new marketing opportunities and a direct line of communication with your customers.

Media Manager

Easily import leads, create campaigns, measure marketing spend, and analyze the impact of every marketing program from lead capture to sale completion. From something as simple as automating a birthday reminder to contacting a customer who recently received a promotion at work, Intellievents provides you tremendous social intelligence and automation capabilities. We allow you to have a live feed of your customer's social media including their latest status update and tweets.

Data-driven Targeted Marketing

Intellievents will let you know who opened your email, what links they clicked, and intelligently automate your marketing efforts. View core contact information, all customer activities, emails, notes, and social conversations related to that contact, in one clean and simple screen. We allow you to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing programs through integrated A/B testing tools.

Loyalty Rewards Manager

Intellievents helps automate your sales, marketing, and loyalty rewards decisions by providing you three types of lead scoring engines: Virtual, Physical, and Fan Engagment. Virtual Scoring measures how engaged your customers are with you across all social media. Physical Scoring measures how much customers have spent across your organization. Fan Loyalty Scoring measures how engaged your customers are across your entire enterprise. Together, these engines help you decide which fans to target for which opportunities and at what price.


The number one motivator for people attending events is their friends. Our mobile application allows users to know which of their friends are attend an upcoming event and purchase tickets sitting next to them. We enable users to create groups, send messages to friends, and plan their next live-event all within the app.

Real-time News Feed

Users get real-time information about the events that their friends are attending as well new events, promotions, and sales. Our intelligent algorithm recommends events to users based on their app usage which encourages them to attend more events.

Fan Loyalty Program

Reward your most loyal customers to keep them more engaged. Know who your most valuable customers are and what motivates them to attend your events.


Sell tickets, upgrades, merchandise, concessions, parking and more directly to your customers. Make the event-going process as seamless as possible by streamlining major transactions. Reduce the inconveniences and inefficiencies of attending live events by giving your fans the information that they need including venue navigation, team stats, and more.

Specialty Promotions

Advertise directly with users to promote upcoming events, promotions, and sales. Use data-driven analytics to improve your product offering and increase in-game spending.

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